Agreement Meaning In Assamese

And then there`s something else. While “original” but still “verifiable,” we could help ourselves choose between different sound patterns. We could just have Assamese Wikipedians, or anyone of so-called minimum couples, so we can judge. It would not change the fact of the scientific disagreement and the need to observe it, but what it would do is to frame it. It would indicate what to choose between “… “But one way or another, think it`s… and “… “But one way or another, think it`s… ». You know what I mean? A verb? So I could take a verb with a meaning like `run` or `crawl` or `love` or `focus` and turn it into an adverb? But I just told you why it takes a less Romanticization than Bengali, Hindi, etc. These languages have sounds/symbols, such as z.B. t̪ ʈ t`i, which are presented at the end in an orderly manner and by the source convention as t`s. Assamese has nothing to do with it. In such a system of Romanization, there are then only meagre differences, such as the aspiration of the Ch Cɦ to become Ch, and the three vowels for which you are your own scheme of, , , , And really, what is the meaning of the latter? How is it better or more useful than only with . Because that`s what you do to invent something, a layer of meaning vacuum with, so the sources are examples that we follow that use phonetic symbols.

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